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The trend of heavy industry and environmental protection

Author: Karen source: Sxversed 24 Oct 2017 - scaffolding material,casting product

With the rapid economic expansion, China faced a number of ecological problems and the national government has undertaken a number of measures to curb pollution and improve the country's environmental situation. Various forms of pollution have increased as China has industrialized, causing widespread environmental and health problems. Air pollution fog and haze is the most urgent problem needs to solve. 

The atmospheric pollution control needs participation and supervision of the whole society, as for a casting foundry, we should take the principle of saving energy, green producing, safe production, environmental protection, sustainable development. And as an individual, one should take a green way of life and make effort for environment surroundings.

Shanxi versed industrial trading always adhere to the standard of green producing construction scaffold materials for customers all over the world, and our casting foundry also constantly response to national policy that closing down backward production facilities, speeding up the industry upgrade, replace new equipment timely, ensure quality of products, protect local environment and promote economic development.

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